Mobile Amateur Radio Tower

City wont grant your tower permit at home?


Bolt this baby on your mobile.

No permanent structure, no permit required 🎉 #win ✅

My passengers had to take the bus

My passengers had to take the bus

The Fabled Red Porcupine car

I heard you liked mobile installation photos: The Fabled Red Porcupine
The owner of the car, Tom, went SK a while back. I met him thru another ham friend a few times. He was a super friendly guy, and one thing he loved was radios and antennas. The outside of his house looked just the same ... antennas everywhere.

Threats Over Police Radios alarm Officers and Scanner Buffs

A male voice came over the police radio, speaking in standard departmental jargon as he asked to be patched through to the duty captain in the Midtown South Precinct in Manhattan on July 30. The captain responded.

“South captain, remember how you put me in jail?” the man on the radio asked. “I am out now, and I’m coming to put a bullet in your head.”

The threat, so brazen across the restricted airwaves of the New York Police Department, was a shock. How had the man gained access to the radio frequencies? Had he stolen a police radio?

Ham antenna Van VE3CRU

VE3CRU is either calling E.T, or trying to collect mourning doves.
Nice guy. Very serious about roving in VHF contests.

Bill VE3CRU of Durham CANADA
 Picture from 10 GHz and up contest